FMCG Facing Pressure Towards ‘Natural’, ‘Ayurvedic’ and ‘Herbal’

Key Takeaways

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  • Recently, two global brands, introduced breakfast products for the India market using native ingredients like jowar, millets and cow’s ghee.

  • The messaging by these brands has focused around the indigenous ingredients often consumed in any Indian household and signifies the increasing pressure that FMCG and food brands are facing towards ‘natural’, ‘ayurvedic’ and ‘herbal’.

  • Natural, herbal, organic and ayurvedic constitutes the mainstream market today, be it in urban centres or in the smaller towns.

  • Many MNCs coming up with products in Ayurveda category.

  • This sudden thrust by the MNCs towards natural has to do majorly with the rise in home-grown FMCG brands that vouch by Ayurveda and herbal.

  • The aggressive marketing and growth by Patanjali and Baba Ramdev have forced MNC brands to bring out natural products, or else lose market share.

  • Consumers today are increasingly scouting for herbal and ayurvedic products to stay fit and healthy and to keep chronic ailments at bay. This is another factor positively impact the natural play.

  • A report by market research firm Nielsen states that the natural segment constituted 41% of the Rs.44, 790 crore personal care segment in India in 2016, up from 37% earlier.

  • Naturals, which includes herbal, ayurvedic and organic products, is growing at 6.6% annually.

  • The overall increase in awareness about Ayurveda, yoga and wellness is more than just a trend and is here to stay.

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Courtesy- Natural the new gimmick on Ad Street

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