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Introduction: In Ayurveda’s classical texts, the various disorders of children is related to divine power ; like balagraha, jataharini( Kashyap Samhita), matrika ( Ravanakrit Kumartantra).Bala graha is defined as a disease which captures and seizes a child.ग्रह उपादाने धातु: गृह्णाती ग्रह:।In Ashtang Sangraha, the daivik features of bala graha is described more specifically.ग्रहैरपि हि जायन्ते … Continue reading BALA GRAHA

Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya

HEMANT CHARYA Hemanta Ritu is considered as Mid- November to Mid- January. Features of ritu वायुर्वात्युत्तरः शीतो रजोधूमाकुला दिशः |छन्नस्तुषारैः सविता हिमानद्धा जलाशयाः ||२२||दर्पिता ध्वाङ्क्षखङ्गाह्वमहिषोरभ्रकुञ्जराः |रोध्रप्रियङ्गुपुन्नागाः पुष्पिता हिमसाह्वये ||२३||(Su.Sa.Su.6/22) The shita vayu moves in the direction of uttardisha with Rajo and dhuma present all around in Hemanta ritu.The sun is covered with mistJalasaya are covered with HimaBirds and animalsCrow, rhino serous, buffalos, horse, and monkeyFlowersLodhra, priyangu, Nagakesara General … Continue reading Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya