Central Sector Scheme of PHARMACOVIGILANCE of ASU & H Drugs

The Ministry of AYUSH has introduced new Central Sector scheme for promoting pharmacovigilance of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy (ASU&H) Drugs. Prime objective of the scheme is to develop the culture of documenting adverse effects and undertake safety monitoring of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy drugs and surveillance of misleading advertisements appearing in the print … Continue reading Central Sector Scheme of PHARMACOVIGILANCE of ASU & H Drugs


             Laghu Pancamoola is part of Pancapancamool.It is an integral part of the Dasamoola formulation .It is mainly used to treat disease related to muscles,bones ,joints,nerves and kindays.Laghu pancamoola contains the roots of five herbs. 1.Brihati (Solanum indicum  Linn.) 2.Kantakari(Solanum surattense Burm. F.) 3.Saliparni( Desmodium gangeticum De. Hedysarum gangeticum Linn.) 4.Prsniparni(Urauia picta Desv.) 5.Goksura(Tributes terrestris … Continue reading LAGHU PANCHMOOLA


INTRODUCTION :- Ayurveda is the very ancient Life science of India, which is being practiced for attaining the complete health. The benefits/aim of Ayurveda are preserving health of the healthy and mitigation/removal of abnormalities of the sick. For achieving these benefits of Ayurveda four limbs of treatment ( Bhisak, Bhesaja, Upastatha, Rogi) are described and … Continue reading BHESAJA PARIKSHA VIDHI


ABSTRACT :- Astavarga is the group of eight medicinal plants viz. Kakoli, kshirkakoli, jeevak, rishbhak, meda, mahameda, riddhi, vriddhi. Particularly found in North-West Himalaya in Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh between elevations of 1500-4000 m. Mostly used in Himalaya region for traditional medical purpose and also in traditional medical system in India (TMS). … Continue reading ASHTAVARGA

Jivaniya Mahakashaya-by Dr. Preeti Negi.

Acharya charak in Sutra sthan 04 chapter had described 50 mahakashaya according to the karma, each kashaya consist of 10 dravyas. Jeevaniye mahakashya according to acharya charak: 1. Jeevak 2. Rhishbak 3. Meda 4. Mahameda 5. Kakoli 6. Ksheerkakoli 7. Mudakparni 8. Mashparni 9. Jeevanti 10. Mulethi 11. Ridhi 12. Vriddhi Jeevaniye Mahakashya according to … Continue reading Jivaniya Mahakashaya-by Dr. Preeti Negi.

BAMS 2nd Year Question Paper of Dravyaguna Vigyan.

This Subject includes the Plants,Pharmacology aand basic Ayurvedic Concepts. The Total Paper is of 80 marks. Also read: BAMS 2nd Year Question Paper of Roga Nidan. https://aptayurveda.co.in/2019/07/24/bams-2nd-year-question-paper-of-roga-nidan/ Also check: NEET 2019 Round 2 Counselling for AYUSH UG Commences :- https://aptayurveda.co.in/2019/07/24/neet-2019-round-2-councelling-for-ayush-ug-commences/ Also check: Career Scope In BAMS! https://aptayurveda.co.in/2019/07/12/career-scope-in-bams/

मिश्रेया (Mishreya)

Botanical Name :- Foenieulum vulgare Family :- Umbelliferae (शतपुष्पा कुल ) Synonyms :- छत्रपुष्पा :- Flowers arranged in umbel inflorescence.शालिनी :- Having strong aroma.शितशिवा :-Having sitavirya.पीतिका :- Flowers are yellowish.मिशी :- Stimulates digestion.मधुरिका :- Contains madhur rasa.शालेय Different common names :- सौंफमौरीबड़ी शेपसोपुराजियान English Name :- Fennel Morphological Description :- fennel Tall perennial herbs having … Continue reading मिश्रेया (Mishreya)

बिभीतक (Bibhitak)

Botanical Name :- Terminalia bellirica Family :- Combretaceae Gana :- Acc. to Acharya Charak :- Jwarahara , Virechanopag.Acc. to Acharya Sushruta :- Trifala, Mustadi. Synonyms :- बिभीतककर्षफलअक्षकलिद्रुमबहेड़ाबलिलज English Name :- Belliric Myrobalan Morphological Description :- Bibhitak Tree Large tree having height 20- 35 m.Leaves :- Simple, alternate, long petioled and clutered at the end of … Continue reading बिभीतक (Bibhitak)