PAPER-1 FULL MARKS-80 SECTION-I Q1.Write in detail on- (2×8=16) a)Mrita Sharir Samsodhan evam Shaarira Gyan Prayojana? b) Masanumasika Garbhavriddhikarma as per Sushruta? Q2. Write Short Notes on- (4×4=16) a) Garbha Sambhav Samagri b) Role of Panchamahabhuta in fetal development. c) Types of Asthi and their examples. d) Characters of Suddha Artava. Q3. Write in very … Continue reading BAMS FIRST YEAR QUESTION PAPER OF RACHANA SHARIR

Kostha & Kosthanga

Introduction :- Before constructing a house for selves or transforming them into homes , we all should remember that we are all blessed with a beautiful home of our own immediately when the destiny plans that we are going to descend as tenants into the creation. That home is called  Physical home’.   The human … Continue reading Kostha & Kosthanga


The term marma is etymologically derived from Sanskrit root word “mri(ek)” which represents the sense of vital part of the body According to Dalhana:- “मारयन्तीति मर्माणि” Injuries to “marma” are likely to result fatal. According to Vriddha Vagabhata(astanga sangraha):- “अपि च मरणकारित्वान्मर्म” Which leads to or causes death. The commentetor Arundatta  recognizes the marma as … Continue reading Marma

Anjali Pramana

The study of measurement of body or body parts is called Pramana Sharir. Pramana or Body measurement are measured in 3 ways :- Anjali Pramana (For volume) Anguli Pramana (For length) Sankhya Sharir (For number) Anjali Pramana Other Names :- Kudava, Ardhasarva When two palms of hand are joined together, a cup like pit is … Continue reading Anjali Pramana


ORIGIN:- The term peshi is originated from sanskrit root word- “ Pish mansavyave” Definition:- “मांसवयवसंघात : परस्पंर विभकत: पेशीत्युच्यते”   (सु.शा. - 5/38) Mansa in general term described under sapta dhatu in compact form but when this differetiates get seperated from each other is called as peshi (Dalhan) Importance:-    “सिरा स्नायु अस्थि प संधयर्वाणिच शरीरिणां।   … Continue reading PESHI SHARIR


Introduction:- Acharya Sushruta has mentioned the term Mamsa Rajju ,its position and enumeration while explaining the Paribhasha of various structures like Snayu, Kandara etc. in identifying a particular structure. The term Mamsarajju includes two words, Mamsa and Rajju.The word Mamsa refers to third Dhatu among Sapta Dhatu which helps in Sharrera and Meda Pusti .The … Continue reading MAMSA RAJJU


MARMA NIRUKTI The word Marma comes from Sanskrit origin word ‘mri’ meaning death. The Sanskrit phrase, ‘Marayate Iti Marmani’, also means death or serious damage to body or health after infliction to the point of their situation. DEFINITION मर्माणिमांससिरास्नायुअस्थिसंधिसन्निपाता:। तेषुस्वभावतएवविशेषणप्राणास्तिष्ठन्ति।। (सु.शा. 6/15) The marma sthana is the grouping of मांस (muscle), सिरा (vessel), स्नायु (ligament), अस्थि (bone), … Continue reading TRIMARMA AND ITS IMPORTANCE


INTRODUCTION शरीरशब्दउत्पत्ति- The word Sharira means Ashraya. It gives Ashraya to Prana and Atma. As per Rachana sharira- It means is to ‘deteriorate’ or change from time to time. शीर्यतेहिनसितिआत्मनामइतिशरिरम् The depreciation process of the body starts from zygote up to the end of life. Every time there is revolution in the body. According to … Continue reading SHARIR