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You can access following E-Samhita, E-Nighantu along with Teeka online (LINKS UPDATED) from National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH) (, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Hyderabad E-Charaka Samhita ( Samhita ( Nidana ( E-Nighantu ( a. Abhidana Manjari ( Abhidana Rathnamala (http://niimh.nic.inebooks/e-Nighantu/abhidhanaratnamala/?mod=read)c. Amarakosha ( Asthanga Nighantu ( Kaiyadeva Nighantu ( Chamatkara … Continue reading Download (free) or Read online e-Books of all Samhitas & Nighantus.


INTRODUCTION :- “I believe that for every illness or ailment known to man , that god has a plant out here that will heal it. We first need to keep discovering the properties for natural healing”. Rasakriya and avaleha Kalpana is one such ayurvedic discoveries or formulations that has the properties of healing. AYURVEDA AND … Continue reading RASAKRIYA AND AVALEHA KALPANA

Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya

HEMANT CHARYA Hemanta Ritu is considered as Mid- November to Mid- January. Features of ritu वायुर्वात्युत्तरः शीतो रजोधूमाकुला दिशः |छन्नस्तुषारैः सविता हिमानद्धा जलाशयाः ||२२||दर्पिता ध्वाङ्क्षखङ्गाह्वमहिषोरभ्रकुञ्जराः |रोध्रप्रियङ्गुपुन्नागाः पुष्पिता हिमसाह्वये ||२३||(Su.Sa.Su.6/22) The shita vayu moves in the direction of uttardisha with Rajo and dhuma present all around in Hemanta ritu.The sun is covered with mistJalasaya are covered with HimaBirds and animalsCrow, rhino serous, buffalos, horse, and monkeyFlowersLodhra, priyangu, Nagakesara General … Continue reading Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya


कालो हि नाम (भगवान्)  स्वयम्भुरनादिमध्यनिधनः |अत्र रसव्यापत्सम्पत्ती जीवितमरणे च मनुष्याणामायत्ते |स सूक्ष्मामपि कलां न लीयत इति कालः, सङ्कलयति कालयति वा भूतानीति कालः ||(Su.Su.6/3) Kala is the name of the divinity, which is self-born has no beginning middle, end. Abnormalities and excellences of tastes and life and death of human being are dependent on it. It is called “Kala” since it does not spare even minute things since it makes all things into one group and since it … Continue reading KALA ~TIME