Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya

HEMANT CHARYA Hemanta Ritu is considered as Mid- November to Mid- January. Features of ritu वायुर्वात्युत्तरः शीतो रजोधूमाकुला दिशः |छन्नस्तुषारैः सविता हिमानद्धा जलाशयाः ||२२||दर्पिता ध्वाङ्क्षखङ्गाह्वमहिषोरभ्रकुञ्जराः |रोध्रप्रियङ्गुपुन्नागाः पुष्पिता हिमसाह्वये ||२३||(Su.Sa.Su.6/22) The shita vayu moves in the direction of uttardisha with Rajo and dhuma present all around in Hemanta ritu.The sun is covered with mistJalasaya are covered with HimaBirds and animalsCrow, rhino serous, buffalos, horse, and monkeyFlowersLodhra, priyangu, Nagakesara General … Continue reading Hemanta & Shishircharya – Ritucharya


INTRODUCTION As per Ayurveda, to maintain swasthya Awastha ( Healthy state) of both sharir and Manas, we should have follow regimens of ahara & vihar according to different ritus which is known as Ritucharya. It is widely explained in different classics of Ayurveda. Acharya Charaka has described Ritucharya in Charak Sutrasthan Chapter 6 whereas Sushruta … Continue reading RITUCHARYA


INTRODUCTION :- Sleep (निद्रा) is natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of body are restored. Physical and mental fatigue is the main cause of sleep. When mind (manas) and sense organs get exhausted, then sense organs cannot conjugate with their objects ( असात्म्य इन्द्रियार्थ संयोग ) and this fatigue of mind and … Continue reading NIDRA