Shut Down False Claims, AYUSH Ministry Issued Directions

Calling AYUSH Regulatory Authorities of State & UT Administrations to take steps to stop false claims regard remedies for Covid-19.

Ministry Of AYUSH issued directions to concerned ASU &H Regulatory Authorities in the states to stop and prevent false claims about Covid -19 remedies.

You may access the Government Order here:

Or Download Directly Here-

There is no doubt that the potential of AYUSH systems to enhance immunity and prevent diseases need to be tapped into. However, unsubstantiated claims on remedies for Covid-19 contravene the relevant provisions of the Disaster Management Act. Such claims also violate various other laws of the land. Authorities of the State and UT Administrations will take all possible steps to stop the false claims.

AYUSH practitioners and other stake-holders are requested to contribute to the campaign against false claims regarding Covid-19 remedies.

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