Are You Ready For Volunteering, AYUSH Professionals? GoI Puts Out Training Resources To Fight Against COVID 19

Government of India puts out Training Resources for AYUSH Professionals who could volunteer (when called upon) for working in the fight against Covid- 19. The resources may be accessed in this link:

or Download Directly From Here-

Calling upon AYUSH professionals to prepare themselves to contribute to serve to mitigate the pandemic. Are you willing to volunteer? Here’s the way to take up such a role when the time comes.

Ministry Of Health has published guidelines/ training material for various roles at various levels for management of emergent situation of COVID 19 in India. AYUSH doctors, paramedics and students, who are willing to volunteer can start training themselves as per the document and their suitability.

All interested are requested to click the link in the table, in front of their suitable role and get themselves trained and updated. This will make them ready to serve the nation when need arises.

Source: Twitter,

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