I. Punarvashu Atreya:-

  • Time period :- 900 year BC
  • Other names- Ateya, Krishna Atreya, Chandrabhaga.
  • Greatest scholar of kayachikitsa.
  • S/O – Sage Atri, hence named as Atreya and Chandrabhagi, hence named Chandrabhaga.
  • Born in punarvashu nakshatra hence called as Punarvashu Atreya.
  • Belongs to Krishnayajurveda shakha hence named Krishna Atreya.
  • Learned ayurveda from Bhardwaja and taught to his 6 disciples :-
  1. Agnivesha
  2. Bhela
  3. Harita
  4. Parashara
  5. Jatukarna
  6. Ksharpani
  • He used to announce the definite subject at begining of each lesson.
  • His entire teaching methods are in form of questions and answers.
  • The stage of rational medicine began with Atreya.
  • The concepts of Tridosha, Panchmahabhuta, Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka, Prabhav etc explained scientifically.
  • Atreya can be called as father of scientific medicine because before to Atreya the cause of disease was believed as divine or due to supernatural power.
  • The pushyanga churna formulation is attributed to Atreya.

II. Bhikshu Atreya

  • Time period :- 700 year BC
  • Buddhist
  • Teacher of Jivaka
  • Worked as professor in Takshila university.


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