Apta Manthan-July. Everything you need to know!

Introduction: In the First Volume of “Apta Manthan“,we cover all the news,latest happenings and updates regarding Ayurveda for the month,July.

Apta Manthan is the newly launched monthly series by Apta Ayurveda.

What is it?

At the end of every month,we will summarise and present an insight of every happenings regarding Ayurveda in a short video.

How it will help you?

In the busy world of today,for getting a quick update on everything happening around you regarding Ayurveda,Apta Manthan is the platform you need to hook into.

So,here is the link of our first Edition of,”Apta Manthan” exclusively on Apta Ayurveda. https://youtu.be/3eysqeaCP7g

Do Subscribe our Youtube Channel and share your views in the Comment Section.

Till then,Tata.

Also join: Join our Whatsapp Platform for daily updates on Ayurveda. https://aptayurveda.co.in/2019/07/23/join-our-whatsapp-platform-for-daily-updates-on-ayurveda/

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