Dear Students,
Recharge your minds! We are back again!!
It’s time for the 4th sensational season of AYURWHIZ!
The virtue of education enhances when intellectuality and innovativeness are imbibed in it, making the process of learning interesting and fun-filled. Ayurwhiz was inspired by this belief and has proved until now that it is indeed so.
This season, we are here again with booming energy to unwrap the wisdom and creativity concealed in you!
So, dear friends, start gathering information from all accessible sources for this fun-filled exploration of acumen and awareness.
When do we start?
• From December 2018 onwards, Season 4 of Ayurwhiz commences across various colleges all over India.
• A state-wise calendar with scheduled dates for different rounds of Ayurwhiz will be circulated shortly.
Who gets to contest?
• The Final Year BAMS students (both juniors and seniors) and Interns (completing internship after September 30, 2019) are eligible to participate.

What will your tools be?

• Entire BAMS curriculum
• General knowledge
• Current affairs

How & where does this happen?
• The Preliminary Round: Will be held at your respective colleges from December 2018 onwards.
• The Regional Round (State level): Winners from the preliminary round shall compete with other colleges in their state.
• The Zonal Round (N-E-W-S zones): Winners from the regional round shall face this challenging round to reach the Finals. The top team from each zone shall be selected for the National-Level Finals.
• The National-Level Final: Planned during August 2019 for the winners of Zonal Round.



Preliminary Round:
1. Please register your name with Dr. __________________ on or before ________.
2. Each contestant will be given a written questionnaire with 30 MCQs.
3. Time limit: 25 minutes.
4. “1 mark” for each correct answer, and “–1 mark” (negative scoring) for each wrong answer.
5. Top 10 contestants will be selected from each college and grouped into 5 teams of 2 contestants each. A live quiz contest will be organized and the winning team will be selected for the next round to represent their college.

All the 10 college finalists shall receive a participant certificate and a memento.
The State-Level Round: Winners of the Preliminary Round will fight it out to get selected for the Zonal-Level Finals.
The Zonal Round: The top team in Zonal-Level contest will be selected for the National-Level Finals.
All State-Level and Zonal-Level participants shall take home exciting prizes!
The National-Level Final: Will be held during August 2019. Prizes worth more than Rs. 1 Lakh for the Finals!

Opportunity knocks on the door only once.
Open your doors to this exciting journey that is set to begin soon!
Be a part of Ayurwhiz Season 4 and be a winner!
Register yourself now…
We are eager to see you at Ayurwhiz-4

Good Luck!
For more details:
E-mail: amc@himalayawellness.com Toll free: 1800-425-1930

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