ORIGIN:- The term peshi is originated from sanskrit root word- “ Pish mansavyave” Definition:- “मांसवयवसंघात : परस्पंर विभकत: पेशीत्युच्यते”   (सु.शा. - 5/38) Mansa in general term described under sapta dhatu in compact form but when this differetiates get seperated from each other is called as peshi (Dalhan) Importance:-    “सिरा स्नायु अस्थि प संधयर्वाणिच शरीरिणां।   … Continue reading PESHI SHARIR


INTRODUCTION शरीरशब्दउत्पत्ति- The word Sharira means Ashraya. It gives Ashraya to Prana and Atma. As per Rachana sharira- It means is to ‘deteriorate’ or change from time to time. शीर्यतेहिनसितिआत्मनामइतिशरिरम् The depreciation process of the body starts from zygote up to the end of life. Every time there is revolution in the body. According to … Continue reading SHARIR