Importance Of Vedic Education And Its Relevance In 21st Century

The Vedas, meaning knowledge in Sanskrit, are the oldest known Sanskrit scriptures. They are a body of texts attributed to ancient sages or rishis. In the epic Mahabharata, their creation is said to be the work of Brahma (the god of creation). The Vedas were usually taught at gurukuls. Gurukul was a residential schooling system … Continue reading Importance Of Vedic Education And Its Relevance In 21st Century

Pious Ayurveda by Shaleen Pharmaceuticals

Shaleen Pharmaceuticals has been synonymous with best Ayurveda medicines and has been very well known for developing and launching PRO ACTIVE wellness products for the diseases.They work on the principles of first aim of Ayurveda i.e. 'Swasthasya swasthya rakshnam' which means- to take care of the health of a healthy person and second aim of … Continue reading Pious Ayurveda by Shaleen Pharmaceuticals

Ayurveda Treatment A First Choice

Many of us have benefitted from Ayurveda to the extent other treatments might not have offered or as effectively as this one. People usually go to Ayurvedic experts only after they cross the limits of the allopathic system. Showing results in old chronic diseases is not easy. However, since viable results are still showing, it … Continue reading Ayurveda Treatment A First Choice


Introduction- History is as important as any other branch of science. Careful review of events in the past will pave the way for new invention. Since 1005, the year when the Leipzing Institute was founded by Carl Sudoff nearly every university has introduced the subject of medical history in it's undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The … Continue reading AYURVEDA ITIHASA