He was one of the six disciples of Punarvashu Atreya, contemporary of Agnivesha. He is said to have composed a treatise called Bhela Samhita. At present among the treatises written by disciples of Atreya only Agnivesha Tantra and Bhel Samhita are available.    Time Period:- As the concept of Buddha is present it can't be … Continue reading Bhela

SAMHITA KALA – Golden period of Ayurveda.

The perfect development of Ayurveda was seen during Samhita kala. The period from Sage Bhardwaj to Acharya Vagbhata is known as Samhita Kala. As per available evidences the samhita period fixed from 1500 BC to 5th century AD. The earlier texts of Samhita kala are in the form of  Sutra(poetic form) later written in the … Continue reading SAMHITA KALA – Golden period of Ayurveda.