कालो हि नाम (भगवान्)  स्वयम्भुरनादिमध्यनिधनः |अत्र रसव्यापत्सम्पत्ती जीवितमरणे च मनुष्याणामायत्ते |स सूक्ष्मामपि कलां न लीयत इति कालः, सङ्कलयति कालयति वा भूतानीति कालः ||(Su.Su.6/3) Kala is the name of the divinity, which is self-born has no beginning middle, end. Abnormalities and excellences of tastes and life and death of human being are dependent on it. It is called “Kala” since it does not spare even minute things since it makes all things into one group and since it … Continue reading KALA ~TIME


Key Takeaways  Models based on Ayurveda may soon be available to help people make healthy lifestyle choices, researchers have said. Ayurveda is a very comprehensive science in terms of lifestyle and with these kinds of models we would be able to predict what happens when, people follow a certain diet and when they mix certain … Continue reading INFLUENCE OF AYURVEDA IN HEALTH LIFE-STYLE CHOICES


Introduction:- The soul which is born in a physical body in this world perceives the world through the Indriya. Indriya are the media which manifest the characters of life. It is the component or instrument which makes difference of living and nonliving objects. The Ayurveda recognizes 11indriyas (एकादश इन्द्रिय) namely five senses of action (कर्मेन्द्रिय), … Continue reading JNANENDRIYA