The term marma is etymologically derived from Sanskrit root word “mri(ek)” which represents the sense of vital part of the body According to Dalhana:- “मारयन्तीति मर्माणि” Injuries to “marma” are likely to result fatal. According to Vriddha Vagabhata(astanga sangraha):- “अपि च मरणकारित्वान्मर्म” Which leads to or causes death. The commentetor Arundatta  recognizes the marma as … Continue reading Marma


MARMA NIRUKTI The word Marma comes from Sanskrit origin word ‘mri’ meaning death. The Sanskrit phrase, ‘Marayate Iti Marmani’, also means death or serious damage to body or health after infliction to the point of their situation. DEFINITION मर्माणिमांससिरास्नायुअस्थिसंधिसन्निपाता:। तेषुस्वभावतएवविशेषणप्राणास्तिष्ठन्ति।। (सु.शा. 6/15) The marma sthana is the grouping of मांस (muscle), सिरा (vessel), स्नायु (ligament), अस्थि (bone), … Continue reading TRIMARMA AND ITS IMPORTANCE