Charak Samhita is one of the Akara Grantha among Brihat Trayee Updeshta (Expounder) - Punarvashu Atreya (1000 Yr BC)Tantrakarta (Author) - Agnivesha (1000 Yr BC)Pratisanskarta (Redactor) - Charak (200 Yr BC)Sampurak karta (Supplimentator) - Dridhabala (4th cent. AD)Time period - Upnishad kaal Charak Samhita is written in the form of 4 types of Sutra :- … Continue reading CHARAK SAMHITA – परिचय

Know these simple Ayurvedic remedies for pain

Pain is very difficult to bear and one is reminded of Julius Caesar’s quote in this regard - “There are more people willing to kill themselves than those who patiently endure pain.” It is in fact pain that brings a patient to a doctor, whatever the illness. Even when the disease is grave, a person … Continue reading Know these simple Ayurvedic remedies for pain


Introduction- History is as important as any other branch of science. Careful review of events in the past will pave the way for new invention. Since 1005, the year when the Leipzing Institute was founded by Carl Sudoff nearly every university has introduced the subject of medical history in it's undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The … Continue reading AYURVEDA ITIHASA