Introduction:- Acharya Sushruta has mentioned the term Mamsa Rajju ,its position and enumeration while explaining the Paribhasha of various structures like Snayu, Kandara etc. in identifying a particular structure. The term Mamsarajju includes two words, Mamsa and Rajju.The word Mamsa refers to third Dhatu among Sapta Dhatu which helps in Sharrera and Meda Pusti .The … Continue reading MAMSA RAJJU


INTRODUCTION शरीरशब्दउत्पत्ति- The word Sharira means Ashraya. It gives Ashraya to Prana and Atma. As per Rachana sharira- It means is to ‘deteriorate’ or change from time to time. शीर्यतेहिनसितिआत्मनामइतिशरिरम् The depreciation process of the body starts from zygote up to the end of life. Every time there is revolution in the body. According to … Continue reading SHARIR