Standard Ayurvedic Protocol For COVID-19!

The Centre on Tuesday released a standard protocol for the management of Covid-19 symptoms through ayurveda and yoga. The National Clinical Management Protocol, released by the Union health ministry and the Ayush Ministry, is aimed at bringing uniformity in the Covid-19 management through traditional methods, the government said in a statement.

Here are some of the Covid-19 management measures prescribed in the new ayurveda protocol:

For asymptomatic/mild cases of Covid-19:

  • Gargle with warm water with a inch of turmeric and salt

  • Alternatively, you can gargle with water boiled along with triphala

  • Apply medicated or plain sesame/coconut oil in nose

  • You can also apply cow’s ghee in nose, once or twice a day

  • Inhale steam with caraway seeds, mint leaves or eucalyptus oil once a day

  • Drink warm water, plain or or boiled with herbs like ginger, coriander or cumin seeds

  • Drink milk with turmeric once at night, avoid in case of indigestion

  • Drink ayush kadha or kwath once a day

In case of severe symptoms:

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