Global conspiracy to derail India’s Ayurveda? – PGurus Article

Some excerpts from the article-

  • Dr. Krishnakumar and his team of physicians have found the drug effective and without any side-effects.

  • Though it is almost two months since the medicine was submitted for clinical trials, the minister for Ayush Yasso Naik and secretary (Ayush) Rajesh Kotecha did not respond to the queries on the fate of the drug developed by Dr. Krishnkumar.
  • The body which controls the Ayush is also headed by an MBBS doctor who is the drugs controller of India. (Please do not ask what this “babu” knows about Ayurveda because as per the age-old Indian standards, the less one knows about a topic, the better!).
  • Dr. Krishnaswamy told while asking about the indifference of the Ayush bosses: “There is a deep-rooted conspiracy to destroy and demolish Ayurvedic stream of medicine. It is being hatched in Western capitals where global pharma giants are threatened by the superiority of the simple but effective and humane Ayurveda.”

We would request our Apta Ayurveda readers to read the complete article. Click the link-


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