AYUSH Ministry Plans To Study On 50 Lakh People For Treatment Of COVID

AYUSH ministry plans to conduct study on 3 groups — common public, frontline workers such as police and healthcare stuff, and Covid-19 patients.
The Ministry of AYUSH plans to conduct a study on 50 lakh people to find “evidence” about the efficacy of alternative medicines to fight Covid-19.
To design the format of the study, the AYUSH ministry has formed a working group, consisting of eight officers that is led by P.K. Pathak, additional secretary of the ministry.

The committee was formed after the ministry held an internal meeting on 17 April.

Read more: https://theprint.in/health/modi-govt-plans-study-on-50-lakh-people-to-test-if-alternative-medicine-can-treat-covid/413355/?amp

Disclaimer- We didn’t verify the sources, Apta Ayurveda is not responsible for any misrepresentation.

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