Best Teacher Award for Clinical Practices.

AYUSH Award for CCRAS ,2018 is held on 14th August,2019, on the Occasion of –

National Seminar on Conservation of Bio-Resources of Medicinal Value: Current Scenario and way forward”.

The Seminar cum Award function was organized at A.P. Shinde Symposium Hall,NASC Complex,Pusa Road,New Delhi.


▪ Vaidya Shri Krishna Khandel is awarded as Best Teacher for Clinical Practices.

Khandel works at National Institute of Ayurveda,Jaipur.

▪ Vaidya Jeet Varsakiya has been awarded as the “Best Research Paper Award in Clinical Research”.

His research has been on MD Work “Role of Virechana Karma and Ashwattha Phala Churna in the Management of Oligozoospermia”.

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