World AYUSH Expo 2019 & AROGYA

World AYUSH Expo 2019 & AROGYA is organized by AYUSH which is going to be held from 22nd to 25th August, 2019 at CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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World AYUSH Expo 2019 & AROGYA will serve the platform for bringing together the best alternative therapies like AYURVEDA, YOGA & NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA & HOMOEOPATHY by increasing SPEED, SCALE & SKILL development through the focused exhibition.
AYUSH expo is to promote Indian traditional medicines and other indigenous medicine systems.

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AYUSH expo is planned for four days with participation from renowned hospitals, educational institutions, wellness centres, pharmaceutical & phyto-pharmaceutical companies, alternative medicine centres etc., supported by concerned industrial bodies. Expo will also showcase various organic and natural farm products across country.

The Wellness industry in India has evolved rapidly from its nascent unstructured beginning in the early 1990s to a comprehensive ecosystem today. This ecosystem comprises consumers, providers, adjacent industries, facilitators and the Government. While the Consumers mainly comprise a young population with rising income levels and the increasing need to look good and feel good, which has led these young consumers to seek wellness solutions to meet lifestyle challenges. Providers offer wellness services and products to meet the hygiene, curative and enhancement needs of the consumer.

The Expo is bringing all natural and drugless therapies together under one roof. It will provide a platform for national & international organisations, companies and manufacturers which deals in Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Unani, Siddha, Organic food, Herbal cosmetics, Yoga props, Equipments and Organic clothing to showcase their products and services. This would be an excellent opportunity for clients and manufacturers to determine market potential on the basis of research and studies to develop proper understanding & commercial structures by identifying new ideas and initiatives for joint ventures and project partnerships.
The Expo will be presenting full spectrum of holistic health, traditional therapies, drugless healing, diet therapy and lifestyle management of ancient traditions. The Expo will also include many health workshops, seminars, health consultancy and many activities on latest knowledge of paramedical science and research. It would be a great opportunity to interact with world’s renowned speakers, national leaders, health professionals & celebrities by sharing their ideas and knowledge on numerous “Health & Wellness“ agendas. The Expo will be a great experience to discover health, peace and harmony under one roof.


  • Dr. Djea Saravane – France
  • Dr. Paulo Meira – Portugal
  • Dr. Pierre Drweski – Switzerland
  • Dr. Ricardo Balsimelli – Brazil
  • Dr. Stefan Eugen – Romania
  • Dr. Crista Raig – Spain
  • Tiffany Nicholason Smith – Canada
  • Dr. Gisela Gaur – Germany
  • Laura Ginetti – Italy
  • Cheng Lieu Kasha – USA/Taiwan
  • Dr. Miwako Ohashi – Japan
  • Dr. Denis Lafebvre – France
  • Cherise Qui – China
  • Dr. Palitha Serashinghe – U.K./Japan
  • Dr. Jayawardhane – Srilanka
  • Dr. Shekhar Annambhotala – USA
  • Dr. Mauroof Athique – U.K.
  • Dr. Dinesh Varsani – Kenya
  • Dr. Asavari Manavikar – USA
  • Dr. Yash Mannur – USA
  • Dr. Kushagra Bendale – Australia
  • Dr. Nilima Amrute – Dubai
  • Dr.Ishwar Basavaraddi
  • Dr. Ghanshyam Marda
  • Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh
  • Dr. Harish Patankar
  • Dr. Nikhil Pendse
  • Dr. Manoj Chaudhari
  • Mr. Mahendra Kadam


  • Dr.Jayant Deopujari-President
  • Dr.Dhanaji Bagal-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Shrikant Deshmukh-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Ravindra Deokar-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Subhash Bhoyar-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Rajashri Naik-Vice Chairman
  • Mr.Ramchandra Surve -Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Anant Biradar-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Jubair Shaikh-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.V.B.Vijayakumar-Vice Chairman
  • Dr.Sanjeev Yadav-Secretary
  • Dr.Maheshkumar Harit
  • Dr.Manisha Kothekar
  • Dr.Pravin Joshi
  • Dr.Nalin Shah
  • Dr.Suchita Kulkarni
  • Dr.Rajan Patankar
  • Dr.Govind Khati
  • Dr.Ajay Salunkhe
  • Dr.Sanjay Satpute
  • Dr.Ragini Patil
  • Dr.Nilakshi Pradhan
  • Dr.S.L.Dasari
  • Dr.Kishor Saraf
  • Dr.Dattatray Patil
  • Dr.R.T.Ubarande
  • Dr.Amar Dwivedi
  • Dr.R.Bhusnurmath
  • Dr.Atulpratap sing
  • Dr.IPS Sethi
  • Dr.Pravin Dangore
  • Dr.Anil Patil
  • Dr.Akshay Pathak
  • Dr.Ved Sharma
  • Dr.Anil Shrivastav
  • Dr.Sadanand Despande
  • Dr.Gaurang Joshi
  • Dr. Manoj Chaudhari
  • Dr. Hitesh Vyas
  • Dr.Prerak Shah
  • Dr. S. R. Shahi
  • Dr. Geeta Garg
  • Dr. Umesh Kumar Sapra
  • Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Ahuja
  • Dr. Manik Soni
  • Dr. Vivek Kumar Mishra
  • Dr Debasis Panigrahi
  • Dr. C. B. Singh
  • Dr. H. Pampanna Gouda
  • Dr. Kaki Chaithanya
  • Dr. K. G. Viswanathan
  • Dr. Suman Kundu
  • Dr. Biswajit Dash
  • Dr. Satish Panda
  • Dr. Ravi Dhaliya
  • Dr. Sushant Sud
  • Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Varma
  • Dr.Vikas Sharma
  • Dr. Ajay Pratap Chauhan
  • Dr. Sudarshan K. Thakur
  • Dr. Om Vir singh
  • Dr. Lokesh Singh Bhati
  • Dr. Tiwari Sampurna Nand
  • Dr. Renukaraj Medegar
  • Dr. Vasanthi Thondambatti
  • Dr. Benoy Bhaskaran
  • Dr. Phalguni Roy
  • Dr. Dinesh Choudhari
  • Mr.Mohd.Naushad
  • Mr.Hamid Ahmed

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