Pulses cooked in Banana Leaf prevents you from Diseases.

Don’t be surprised.Yes,you read it right.

Pulses/Dal we eat daily,if cooked in Banana leaf prevents us from Diseases.When the Banana leaf is heated at 80°C releases a Rasayan which acts on our body and prevents us from Diseases.

Former ISRO Scientist and Former Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister,Prof. Om Prakash Pandey during a Seminar in Dhanbad has explained how the Banana Leaves makes us healthy.He said,various Insecticides and Pesticides present in the corps,when we consume goes inside our Body and harms us.

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Poly-Phenol Carbonic Compound:

Banana leaf when heated to 80°C releases a Rasayan namely Poly Phenol Carbonic Compound which acts as an Anti-Oxidant.This Property of the Leaf cures us from many dieases by killing the various Poisonous substances dwelling in our body.

If the Banana Leaf is cooked with the Pulses then the Rasayan reaches the Dal or the Vegetables,and shows its effect in our body.Food consumed in such a manner once in a week prevents us from diseases.This also acts as an Anti-Ageing property and doesn’t have any side-effect.

Source: Dainik Jagran.

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