Addicts In Punjab To Get Ayurvedic Treatment, CM Request AYUSH Ministry

  • The Punjab Govt. plans to give Ayurvedic, a traditional system of Indian Medicine, healing touch to drug addicts.
  • The Health Department of Punjab has sent a proposal to the Union Ministry of AYUSH for opening an ayurvedic de-addiction centre as pilot project at Amritsar, one of the most affected part of the state.
  • As per the action plan, patient will be diagnosed based on history and diagnostic symptoms such as sharir dukha (body aches), arupanaamstam darshnam (hallucinations), trsna (thirst), aruchi (anorexia), shrama (lassitude), sammoh (delirium), jambhai (yawning), safuran (palpitations), vepanm (trembling), and prajagar (loss of sleep).

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