Bridge Course-Curative VS Preventive System.

Editor’s Desk:In the Second Edition of Editor’s Desk of Apta Ayurveda we discuss the issue on Bridge Course and its impact on MBBS and NON-MBBS Docs.

Guide to the Article:

●Bridge course

●How it will impact the Health Care System,

●The stand of Curative and Preventive System of Medicine[ALLOPATHY vs NON-ALLOPATHY]

●Latest changes in the Bill.

Bridge Course:Now let us first address the elephant in the room,the name itself gives us the insight of linking of the so called Curative and Preventive System of Medicines at the level of treatment in Primary Health Care System(PHCs).The Current Government of India has brought the Bill where Central Council of India(CCIM) has developed a nine-month bridge course to train practitioners of Ayurveda to treat commonly encountered health problems faced by residents of rural areas.

How it will impact the Health Care Systems: In India,in today’s present scenario,there is one government doctor for every 10,189 people,whereas WHO recommends a ratio of 1:1000,or a deficit of 6,00,000 doctors.Hence,the Government decided to input the AYUSH Doctors at PHCs level,to reduce the scarcity to some extent.Seeing this prospect from a normal Patient level,it will be a boon and it can be accepted as AYUSH Doctors will go through the Nine-month Bridge Course,and they will also bring the pluses of their respective preventive systems of medicine.

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The stand of Curative and Preventive System of Medicine[ALLOPATHY vs NON-ALLOPATHY]:

Preventive System of Medicine:The AYUSH i.e. Non-Allopathy Doctors are seem to be divided,though more or less they appear to support the Bill.Students pursuing BAMS are in a positive side to the Bill while the Graduated Doctors seems to say opposite.While Ministry of AYUSH hasn’t been much vocal on the issue.

Curative System of Medicine:The Allopathic Doctors are opposing the Bill.The Indian Medical Association has been opposing the Motion since the inception of the Bill.They have lodged various protests over the Country when the Bill was approved by the Cabinet.Dr.RV Asokan honorary Secretary General of the IMA has strongly opposed the Government’s hold on it.

Latest Changes in the Bill:

The Ayurveda Bridge Course has come into force in States like Maharashtra while the Central Government hasn’t moved a file opting for it.

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