What to do with the AYUSH Budget Now?

The Central Govt. Of India has released its budget on 5th July 2019.The budget allocated to the Ministry of our concern which is Ministry of AYUSH is 1,939.76 Crore. Though the budget show an increase of 14.59 percent over the revised estimates of 1692.77 crore of the last fiscal.

In simple calculations we can comfortably say it has increased but its still less from what AYUSH needed to meet its demands. In today’s scenario, the Indian Economy is changing and the Government should see AYUSH as more than just an option to cure, an option to heal people. It has full potential to grow as an Industry and contribute to the pride and Economy of India. It has more capacity to work just being as an Alternative treatment.

On What lines the Government has to empathise more now?

●The Medicines and Products. The bodies such as GMP and ISO has to come forward and work to meet the Global standards of practice. Government has to encourage for more Pharma Companies to come and invest in this system of Medicine.Set up of International standard of Hospitals, Multiple Chain of Clinics will be a step forward.

●The Indian Beauty and Spa Industries needs to be pushed more.Indian Spa treatment is famous all over the world.Hence,it can be much of a money making business.According to study jointly conducted by FICCI and global consulting firm PriceWaterHouse Coopers,the size of India’s beauty and Wellness market today stands at Rs.1,00,000 crore and the projected market size is estimated to reach Rs.1,75,145 crore by next year.

●Government of India needs to take the System at an International Platform,and then marketise it by balancing the business here at Home in India.Patent should be done on various Herbal Products and Medicines used traditionally in Ayurvedic System Of Medicine.

●A whole approach has to be made by reviving the State Structures.Joint approach of the Central Government together with the States will create a logistic approach.

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