International Yoga Day 2019: Everything About Yoga Day

New Delhi: On the upcoming 5th International Day of Yoga – 21st June 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday has posted on LinkedIn about few yoga necessaries.

He mentions about two sincere requests – “First, make Yoga an integral part of your lives”, “Second, enrich the Yoga Day by participating in it with your entire office team.”

Modi further mentions the importance of Yoga which is not only an exercise but also a handy passport to fitness and wellness. He mentions, It is a journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’, bringing synergy between the mind, body, and intellect. Yoga fosters oneness with our families, our society, and all the flora and fauna with which we share our beautiful planet.”

Moreover, Modi explains the beauty of Yoga as simple and convenient. It is advisable to practice Yoga in the mornings as well as during short breaks. Asanas can be tried in between every few hours.

There is always a connection between Yoga and You. During stressful conditions – at work or at home, the solution to these problems are yogaand meditation. As soon as you start doing Yoga you will start waving goodbye to stress.

Solution for posture problems:

PM Modi tells us about a solution for posture problems. When we sit for long hours at office we tend to unconsciously not bother about our posture. Again, the only solution – Yoga! It can help you avoid slouching or hurting your back through bad posture. Some Asanas are also helpful for back related problems.

Yoga can also be important for family bonding. While the entire family is busy in their daily tasks, finding and spending some quality time with the family is difficult. Yoga can help to bring the family together and hence, one can spend the time needed as a family.

Yoga as a unifying force:

Modi emphasizes how Yoga that once upon a time started in India has become so popular worldwide. The love found whilst one does Yoga has gone a long way in creating a Yuga (era) of happiness and brotherhood. The PM further mentions ‘In a world where ideologies of hate can potentially divide brother from brother, Yoga stands as a unifying force. Yoga is always giving happiness and relief.

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