The World Is Going Back To Its Roots!

What’s the buzz!

Some Top Comments-

1) @DrShrinidh- But still ayurveda and yoga will be traditional medicines for them.

Ayurveda is more scientific than any of the recent claims which the so canned scientists have come up with regarding health.

2) @ShreejonBiyani- Next would be doing Namaste is more hygienic than a handshake.

3) @aruaugust- Haldi in hot milk goes for 6$ in California.

4) @sarangthacker- And cardiac rhythmic breathing. Whatever they call it, apna pranayam hai, is good for heart.

5) @HashKahim- We should be proud of it rather than making fun of it. Our culture is being proven right. Brightest minds of our times are validating what we knew thousands of years ago.

6) @design_deviant- Intermittent fasting fad is considered great now which have been happening in India since ages.

7) @veersa7773- Believe me till 2070 science will come to Hinduism.

8) @DiptiKane- We needed Britishers to tell what’s bad for our health and now Americans to say what’s gud for health. Kamaal hai!


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