Wonder Herb Of Ayurveda

Aswagandha can help with reducing blood sugar levels and combat stress.

With the fast-paced life we face today, stress is unavoidable. Whether it’s home, work, school, college, everyone is facing some sort of stress, be it emotional, mental or physical. In such scenarios, it’s crucial that you supplement your diet with nutrients that will help you combat that stress. Aswagandha is a great herb to manage those stress levels, as well as other lifestylerelated ailments.
Known as an adaptogen, it can help one manage their blood sugar levels, cortisol and even boost those grey cells. It looks to be worth its weight in gold, as Ashwagandha refers to unique smell and ability to increase strength. The small shrub with yellow flowers is mostly found in India and North Africa, the extract or powder from the plant’s root or leaves are used in myriad ways.
The diminutive herb is a cornucopia of benefits, and is even known to help reduce cancer cells

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