Will Medical Insurance Policy be applicable For People Seeking Naturopathy Treatment?

PUNE: Given the increasing popularity of Ayurveda among the population, Shripad Yesso Naik, the Union minister of state, AYUSH, government of India has claimed that medical insurance policy should be made applicable for the people seeking naturopathy treatment.

Naik was in Uruli Kanchan on Friday, for an inauguration of a female ward at the Nisargopachar ashram where he stressed that a provision will be made to make medical insurance available for people taking ayurvedic treatment.

Naik said, “Medical insurance policy is applicable and allowed for Unani and Siddha and it should also be made available for other medical streams in AYUSH. Since the treatment is less expensive, many times insurance companies shy away from including Ayurveda in its packages and hence with growing popularity and new advances in Ayurveda, we urge people to promote medical insurance as well. We will also make certain provisions about the same.”

For more :- medical insurance policy should be made applicable for people seeking naturopathy

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