Promote integrated medicine for holistic health

Combining AYUSH with modern medicine will be effective, especially for treating non-communicable diseases

India is faced with a highly complex scenario. On the one hand, there is the unfinished agenda of under-nutrition and communicable diseases, on the other, the burden of non-communicable ailments is crippling the lives of millions. In fact, the World Health Organisation Report for 2018 highlights that non-communicable diseases account for 63 per cent of deaths in India.

This is an alarming statistic to say the least and it is unlikely that modern medicine alone can provide the solutions. Systematically promoting integrative medicine — an approach that combines modern medicine with alternative systems like Ayurveda and Yoga — is perhaps more crucial now than ever before.

Why integration?

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5 thoughts on “Promote integrated medicine for holistic health

  1. I fully support the idea of integrating modern medical approaches with traditional wisdom such as is found in Ayerveda. I think slowly science is catching up with and offering support for some elements of traditional medicine like for instance the use of turmeric & ginger, or even acupuncture such as is used in other eastern traditions. Interesting website! I’m only just starting my blog about well-being from a holistic perspective even though I’ve been working in health-care for many years. Greetings from Holland 🙂


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