Ayurveda needs to focus more on State’s healthcare.

Ayurveda has a vital role in the achievements made by the State in Health Sector, Chief Minister Pinaryai Vijayan said.

He was inaugurating the Kerala Institute of Sports Ayurveda and Research Centre and Oushadi Panchakarma Hospital and Research Institute here on Saturday.

Ayurveda needs to focus more on State’s Health Care. How?

Looking into the growth of Ayurvedic system of Medicine, it has to be regionally accepted more by the people. The State governments have to push the Ayush system of Medicine together with the Central Government to show fruitful results.

Ayurveda has vast scope to develop, be it in academic field or in hospital infrastructures or in research fields. Ayurveda has to be practiced regularly in Primary HealthCare hospitals. The state governments have to push this system by taking various innovative steps.

States which can lead in this system of Health Industry:

North-east States and North India specially the states bordering Himalayas have a lot of scope to develop this system of medicine.

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim have a wide range of ability to develop. The environment of these states naturally support the Ayurvedic plants to grow.

Patanjali the leading brand in Ayurvedic Medicine has already started its plantation in Northeast.

Uttarakhand, suits out the best while providing the environment for Ayurvedic herbs to grow. On the other hand, Himachal Pradesh has always been the leading state while coming to manufacturing Allopathic medicines. It has huge potential to grow Ayurvedic Medicines too.
The system of Ayurveda is vast. Some may feel the system illogical. But we cannot judge things blindly. People should be open to gathering knowledge from all fields. Panchakarma and massage are specialities of Kerala. However, they are the most underutilised treatment methods. We need trained practitioners in those areas. Self medication is dangerous even in Ayurveda,” Chief Minister Pinaryi Vijayan said during the inauguration.

Leading brands like Himalaya, Dabur, Patanjali etc. along with the Goverment have to come out with various schemes and policies which gives an extra push to this form of Health Industry.

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