Read one of the best research on Anutaila

Anu Tailam, an Ayurvedic medicated oil where ‘anu’ meant for atom and ‘tailam’ meant for
oil and virtually meant for ‘oil of subtle or atomic size particles’. Since the major active ingredients in this
formulation are incorporated from the polyherbal decoction, it is expected to contain predominantly
water soluble ingredients.
Objectives: It is hypothesized that these polar active botanical ingredients are present in the formulation
should be either suspended in the form of submicron particles or entrapped in the submicron vesicular
structures since the formulation did not show any precipitation or phase separation instead showed a
monophasic oily liquid with very little moisture.
Materials and Methods: In the present investigation, the micro architecture of the anu tailam is studied
via column chromatography and high performance thin layer chromatography to prove the contents are
polar hydrophilic compounds followed by optical microscopy, photon correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) and
environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) to study the particle/vesicle size of the formulation.
Results: In this study, it was proved that the formulation contained only polar ingredients……………

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