Journey Of Formulator Of Allopathic Medicines To Studying Ayurveda-Founder Of SOVA came a long way


Mumbai-based luxury personal care brand SOVA brings the expertise of an Ayurvedic formulator to skincare and haircare products.
Fifty years ago, visiting a store to buy beauty serums and masks was unheard of. Common ingredients available in the kitchen made up women’s beauty regime and if you ask your granny, she’ll tell you they worked.
Then came cosmetic creams and lotions. However, over the last few years, there is a conscious move back to natural ingredients. Organic and ‘safe’ natural products have suddenly become the buzzword in the cosmetics industry and cashing on this trend is Mumbai-based luxury personal care brand SOVA.

The company was founded by designer Vasavdatta Gandhi and her niece, Sneha Daftary, in January 2018. Its USP, though, is that its products are backed by the expertise of Vasavdatta’s father-in-law, HI Gandhi.
HI Gandhi was a formulator of allopathic medicines, and in 1999 began studying Ayurveda. He went on to found his own Ayurveda medicines company – Millenium Herbals. “He produced phyto-based medicines for arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart diseases, infertility, auto-immunity. We have up to 60 medicines in our portfolio,” says Vasavdatta.

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