Ayurveda, Herbs Attracting!

WITH consistent efforts made by the department of AYUSH towards making people aware of Ayurveda, people have started giving priority to Ayurveda over any medical treatment because of its immediate and long lasting results.
One of the most bought and effective Ayurveda herb ‘Thankuni leaf’ is yet another miraculous herb which is claimed to be effective in curing many diseases. It is due to this effect only that many people of Bengali community are seen buying ‘Thankuni leaf’ from the weekly market here. The ‘Thankuni leaf’ also known as Brahmi is used as an effective herb since time immemorial. One of the residents, Premanand Adhikari stated that usage of Brahmi, also known as ‘Thankuni’ leaf had been in practice since the time of ancestors. Even today, it is high in demand. The residents prepare chutney out of “Thankuni” leaf and eat it with rice as it helps in treating digestion-related problems along with other stomach problems. Other than this, the juice of this leaf is also consumed for better results.
Read more: http://thehitavada.com/Encyc/2019/1/7/Ayurveda,-herbs-attracting-people.aspx

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