Anjali Pramana

The study of measurement of body or body parts is called Pramana Sharir. Pramana or Body measurement are measured in 3 ways :-

  1. Anjali Pramana (For volume)
  2. Anguli Pramana (For length)
  3. Sankhya Sharir (For number)

Anjali Pramana

  • Other Names :- Kudava, Ardhasarva
  • When two palms of hand are joined together, a cup like pit is formed, which is called as Anjali.
  • Anjali pramana is a unit used to measure volume of different body constituents which are in fluid state or semi solid.
  • Anjali-pramana1

Anjali pramana of various body constituents :-

According to Acharya Charak ( च.शा.- 7/15) :-

Quantifying Anjali :-

  • Anjali measurement can not be standardized as according to Acharya Charaka it is “Swena Anjali Pramana ” i.e. the measurement is based on measuring the tissue or body fluids using one’s own Anjali.
  • The quantity which fits into each individuals anjali will differ.

Importance of Anjali Pramana :-

  • It is used to determine the age or longevity of an individual.
  • It is used to measure the normal value of body constituents .
  • To determine the status of health and sickness.
  • To facilitate the treatment procedure.
  • To identify the chaitanyta i.e. conciousness in an individual hence differentiating dead and alive.

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