3 DIYs To Manage Acne

Key Points

  • Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles are blocked with with oil and dead skin cells.
  • In Ayurveda, acne is referred to as ‘Yauvan Pidika,’ and is believed to be a manifestation of an aggravated Pitta dosha.
  • Acne is said to be an aggravation of pitta dosha, which acts under the skin and leads to heated toxins, further breaking out as acne.
  • Avoid spicy and fermented foods. It can aggravate pitta dosha.
  • Heavily fried and sour foods should are also best avoided.

Some home remedies

  • Drinking Amla juice everyday may prove to be effective in preventing acne breakouts.

  • Drinking cumin coriander-fennel tea is an effective way to keep the body cool and heat producing toxins at bay.

  • Applying melon on your skin may also help.

For more info-

Courtesy- 3 Home Remedies Suggested By Ayurveda To Manage Acne

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