Acharya Sushruta has mentioned the term Mamsa Rajju ,its position and enumeration while explaining the Paribhasha of various structures like Snayu, Kandara etc. in identifying a particular structure.
The term Mamsarajju includes two words, Mamsa and Rajju.The word Mamsa refers to third Dhatu among Sapta Dhatu which helps in Sharrera and Meda Pusti .The word Rajju has been correlated with rope, cord,a lock of braided hair or tendon proceeding from vertebral column and one which helps in binding.

महत्यो मांसरज्जवश्र्चतस्त्रः-पृष्ठवंशमुभयतः पेशीनिबन्धनाथ द्वे बाह्ये, आभ्यन्तरे च द्वे। (Ch. Sh. 5/14)

Mamsarajju is a structure which are four(two internally and two externally) in number found on either side of Prushtavamsha and helps in binding the muscle.
muscle. According to the commentary of Gayadasa,Mamsarajju are eight in number.


It has been correlated with strong and long muscles present on either side of vertebral column or rope like muscular structure.

As per Sushruta,while explaining chikitsa of Parshukasthi Bhagna,has used the word Mamsa Nibandhani.
Dalhana has commented that the word Mamsanibandhani is used with respect to Mamsarajju.
Recent Ayurvedic scholars like Vd.Atavale has stated,Mamsarajju as longissimus dorsi.
B.G. Ghanekar as longissimus,spinalis and iliocostalis.


They keep all the related muscle of the back area together.This can be correlated with the long muscle present on both side of vertebral column namely group of erector spinae muscle.

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